Two Moms with an Idea

Hi, this is MaryAnne & Saranya welcoming you to Purple Ways!  We are two purple loving, Ford Flex driving, community building So Cal softball moms.  Like many women, we wear different hats in our daily lives:  we are passionate writers, wives, and moms.  Together, we bring diverse talents and skills to PurpleWays. Having a background in website project management and video production, MaryAnne has always been an early adopter of technology and all things social media. Saranya has an academic background in literature and writing and grew up in the restaurant business fostering her obsession with food and cooking. Together,  MaryAnne and Saranya’s collective creative skills and talents seek to synergistically create mood-lifting, awe-inspiring, and sometimes simple helpful ideas to make this world a better purple powered place.

It Takes a Village to Live Well

Everyday, we rely on our village to support one another in raising our families and in making our tight knit community a vibrant place to live.  We want to bring our village together by shining a spotlight on all the wonderful and varied talents and passions around us.  We will feature our community of entrepreneurs, instructors, and just talented friends who want to share their experiences, services and products.  We invite writers everywhere to join the Purple Ways Village, and share their lilac, plum and lavender stories with the world.

The Color Purple

Purple is special. It’s a color hard to find in nature. Natural technical blue mixes with the  passionate grandeur of red to make this mind boosting color that has embodied such things as: the Purple Heart for wounded soldiers; the color of robes for royalty and academias; the “Purple Cow” book about making the ordinary extraordinary; the Classic overcoming adversity film “The Color Purple.” It’s also a common bond shared between two Ford Flex driving softball Moms from Irvine, that both happened to love purple. Actually they’re fanatical about it.

The Purple Way

At Purple Ways, our mission is to capture, create and share original content covering family adventures, food and drink discoveries, and useful tips and tricks with purple admirers everywhere.

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About MaryAnne

Born in Maryland and raised in Irvine, CA, MaryAnne has lived in the epicenter of Orange County for most of her life. MaryAnne and her husband Jim while working at an Internet company in Irvine in 1998. They lived in Santa Monica for dot-com jobs after getting married in 2000 and returned to Irvine in 2002 to be near family and raise their two daughters, Marissa (16) & Jessie (10). Marissa showed an interest in acting at 4 years old. Fast forward to today, Marissa is the 11th grade at Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), and her team includes a manager and agents for commercial and theatrical. MaryAnne supports Marissa as her Momager, managing a busy audition schedule, dance and guitar lessons. Their other daughter Jessie has taken to sports and currently is loving softball. Purple has always been MaryAnne’s favorite color and she’s vegetarian. Her motto: Live, Laugh & Love. 

About Saranya

Born in Bangkok, Thailand and moved to LA when I was 5, I am a hybrid Thai/LA girl by heart.  I have always considered both places home.  My parents moved around so much – I attended 7 elementary schools!  My dad worked in many kitchens and restaurants, opening our own Thai and Chinese restaurants.  I grew up in those kitchens as his unofficial prep cook – I could roll an egg roll and devein shrimp since before I could see the top of the counter.  My grandmothers and grandfather were all exceptional cooks, and have passed on the love of food and cooking to the rest of us.  We are a family obsessed with cooking and eating – you will find us all in the kitchen at any family gatherings.  While I was in graduate school at UCLA, I cooked and mixed drinks and fed pretty much my entire class every week.  Home is now Orange County with my husband, who was born and raised in Chicago, but whose parents immigrated from Africa.  My 11-year-old daughter is a burgeoning writer and actor, and my 7-year-old son is aiming for being a famous basketball, baseball player, and/or scientist.  And more importantly, they already both love food and travel.  

About our Logo

It’s no secret we love purple. Of course, our logo had to be purple! We came up with the idea of two moms on a journey, because that’s what describes us best. Life is a journey, and it’s not just about the destination. Getting there is half the fun! We also love to travel. We plan on sharing more about our experiences with the family and on overnight dates with our husbands. They are a rare occurrence, but they do happen. 😉 So, the idea of a purple compass came to our minds. After some back and forth with our artist, we loved this one the most! We found our artist on Fiverr. If you haven’t used Fiverr yet, you should check them out! You will find all kind of freelancers that provide quality work at such a reasonable price. Some start at as little as $5.00. That’s it! Just five dollars. That’s where their name Fiverr came from. We hope you check them out. We love them so much we decided to partner with them and tell all our friends about their services.

Click here to check them out. Cheers!

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