Beyond Meat at Del Taco

Good news for MaryAnne and all our vegan / vegetarian friends out there: Del Taco launched their Beyond Meat menu! Have you guys tried Beyond Meat? It’s now offered at many burger places, and you can find them at your local grocery store. I have to admit that I do not discriminate against any meat. However, I do like the different meat substitute options. Growing up in a Thai household, we use tons of veggies in our cooking, as well as many soy and tofu products which are not considered a meat substitute, but rather just a food item in itself. So although I am not vegan or vegetarian, we are a heavily veggie centered household. Beyond Meat is a plant-based protein without gluten, soy, or GMOs: a welcome addition to our meal planning!

MaryAnne and I went on the day of their launch. We were so excited, especially since MaryAnne has not had a crunchy taco for over two years. TWO years with no crunchy tacos! You can now substitute Beyond Meat for any menu item. So we both ordered a Beyond Meat crunchy taco, as well as a taco salad with Beyond Meat instead of ground beef. I also ordered a traditional crunchy taco to do a taste test. (You can check out our taste test in the YouTube video below.)

It was good you guys! Can you tell the difference? Well, yeah, but only in that it has a slightly different flavor. The actual beef taco had the traditional beefy flavor, while the Beyond Meat taco had a really good smokey flavor. I enjoyed both tacos equally. The Beyond Meat taco had a slight advantage with its wedge of avocado. You can avoid the sour cream and cheese but still have a creamy avocado in your taco. The texture is great. And as an added bonus, the staff at our local Del Taco are so friendly and helpful. They seemed really excited to have us try the Beyond Meat menu. Well, we’re sold.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a clip of us enjoying Beyond Meat at Del Taco:

For more info about Beyond Meat at Del Taco, visit both their websites:

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