how to get your kid into acting

So now you have been schlepping your kid to class for several weeks, and they are still motivated and excited to move forward.  Now what?  Tune in to the second episode for advice on the next steps!  We discuss why it is so important to reevaluating your family’s priorities and commitment as the next big step.  MaryAnne gives some helpful tips for those long drives to LA.  You may be asking again, why drive to LA….

So then we also talk about networking.  You will meet parents who are in the daily trenches.  Chat it up folks!  Meeting and talking to other people can only open doors.  You will be surprised at how generous others can be with information and contacts, it really doesn’t hurt to try.  And networking is definitely one of the advantages to driving all the way to LA for these classes.

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We are doing our first podcast!  Listen in as we talk about our Hollywood journey, as two moms getting our kids into showbiz!  MaryAnne and I have had many conversations that are helpful and productive – so we thought, let’s share these talks!  We are doing a 3 part mini series on our girls’ Hollywood journey.  You will get the perspective from someone much further down this path, and I will ask her all of my questions, probably the same ones you all are asking!  This is a fun conversation with helpful advice and tips from your friends.  

MaryAnne is an experienced actor’s mom.  And I, on the other hand, know nothing about acting or showbiz.   MaryAnne’s daughter has worked hard and is beginning to establish herself, and she is finding success in acting.  My daughter is a newbie trying to break into this business.  We are doing a podcast because so many of you have asked how to get started when your kid has the acting bug.  And since my family is also trying to navigate these crazy waters, we thought we would just talk about some basics.  I totally get feeling overwhelmed and confused.  There is so much information out there, but where do you even begin? 

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