Potion Purple Disney merchandise? As soon as we found out that purple has taken over Disneyland, we had to visit Downtown Disney’s biggest store, World of Disney to take a look.

It was the third day in a row of rain in Southern California. We were going stir crazy from being indoors so much! We were due for an outing, no matter what the weather was like. We hopped in the Ford Flex for a 20-minute ride to Anaheim.

With our umbrellas up to keep from getting too wet, we took in the crisp air as we strolled Downtown Disney. The upside to visiting a usually crowded place like this is that fewer people get out when it’s raining. East Coasters, Seattleites and other rain dwellers must be laughing at us So Cal people right now!

Pluviophile: a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. (Urban Dictionary)

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Happy New Year: 2018 The Year of Purple

Happy New Year friends!  We are so excited to kick off 2018:  the year of purple!  Our beloved purple, or more specifically, ultra violet, has been named the 2018 color of the year by Pantone.  Pantone forecasts global color trends for many different industries, as well as branding and product development.  They are recognized as the leading source for color trends.  A great big thanks to Pantone for helping us spread the love!  Purple represents so many things to us:  imagination, innovation, and vision towards the future.  Check out the Pantone website announcing the color of the year and paying tribute to our much loved color: 


happy new year 2018 the year of purple

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