DIY Michelada: Best Drink for the Ballpark

Someone recently asked me: How do you make a “DIY Michelada“. That got me thinking. We’re back from our summer travels so lets get right into it with some fav summer drinks for these hot days!  I don’t necessarily have a favorite drink; but rather, it kinda depends on where I am and what I’m doing.  Dive bar: Makers and Ginger; nice bar:  Bombay Sapphire martini extra cold and extra olives; Italian vibe:  Negroni first, then red wine;  Japanese vibe:  always both sake and Asahi beer; Thai vibe:  either an ice cold Singha or Heineken (yes, in Bangkok, everyone drinks Heineken) or an icy glass of whiskey and soda over ice, I can go on and on but you guys get the idea. 

Sooooo, summer time means lots of outdoor activities, and an old time favorite is going out to a baseball game.  We are so lucky to have some awesome ball parks within driving distance.  Our hometown park is of course Angel Stadium; Dodger Stadium is just a short jaunt away, and our family makes several trips during the season to Petco Park in San Diego.  

Michelada at the Ball Park

My drink of choice at any ballpark is a refreshing Michelada.  I also like these when having Mexican seafood, makes a great pairing.  There seems to be a rise in popularity right now of this humble drink, but it has always been my fav at any ball game.  First, at a hot and sweaty game, you want an iced cold drink that is not too syrupy sweet.  I used to always just do a cold beer (which I still really like on occasion), but friends, oh my goodness, then I discovered the Michelada!  It’s beer’s more interesting and spicier cousin.  I usually tell people that if you like a good Bloody Mary and if you like beer, then you will love these.  It’s basically a Mexican cerveza, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tobasco, and sometimes mixed with tomato juice served in a salt and Tajin rimmed glass.  There are many variations inclined using Clamato (tomato & clam juice). The alcohol content is cut down a bit by the lime and tomato juice, so you can drink more…yay!  Nine innings is a long time!  You may have to walk around a bit to find a stall that sells these, but it’s always fun to walk around and check out all the food and snack options anyways.  They are readily available at Petco Park.  

And hey, Micheladas are easy, so do it yourself, and make them for pool parties or picnics, or on working days for when you’re digging around your pantry because it’s 100 degrees outside!  Do you have a muy bueno DIY Michelada recipe? Let us know.

DIY Michelada Recipe