Journey to Hollywood: Podcast Episode II – Headshots & Resumes

how to get your kid into acting

So now you have been schlepping your kid to class for several weeks, and they are still motivated and excited to move forward.  Now what?  Tune in to the second episode for advice on the next steps!  We discuss why it is so important to reevaluating your family’s priorities and commitment as the next big step.  MaryAnne gives some helpful tips for those long drives to LA.  You may be asking again, why drive to LA….

So then we also talk about networking.  You will meet parents who are in the daily trenches.  Chat it up folks!  Meeting and talking to other people can only open doors.  You will be surprised at how generous others can be with information and contacts, it really doesn’t hurt to try.  And networking is definitely one of the advantages to driving all the way to LA for these classes.

Although we are definitely pro driving to LA for classes, we also encourage taking advantage of those local opportunities.  If you are lucky enough to have some kind of arts program in your school district, take full advantage! 

We also talk about resumes and headshots.  Acting resumes are different from traditional resumes.  If you are beginning, keeping simple is ok.  We will include some sample resumes below.  MaryAnne’s daughter has a beautifully developed resume which just takes time, and she gives some great tips on things that you can include in your kid’s acting resume when they are just starting out and have no experience.  

Resumes: — Info on Acting Resumes for Beginners & Sample Acting Resume – Beginner Actor Resume Sample

Let’s also demystify the headshots.  Yes, quality headshots will cost you a good chunk of money, but no, don’t spend thousands of dollars on these.   We discuss when you need to get these and whether you can wait.   When you are ready to drop that chunk of change, MaryAnne recommends Kenneth Dolan, information is listed below.   I am also including an additional recommendation from another parent that they really like, and the price is a bit lower.  Once you get a headshot together, skip Costco, and take it to a good photo lab. 

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Headshot Photographers:

Kenneth Dolin 

Peter Carrier


Photo Retouching:

Hollywood Retouching
Valerie Grant
(323) 645-0212


Photo Lab:

MaryAnne’s favorite photo lab (in OC) – you can upload photos & pick up prints:

Pro Photo Connection
17671 Fitch
Irvine, CA 92614 
(949) 250-7073