An LA Institution: Come Grab a Seat at The Apple Pan

If you are in the Los Angeles area, the best burger on the westside is located at this West LA institution:  The Apple Pan.  Come and grab a seat at the wraparound counter on one of the red, vinyl barstools.  Sit elbow to elbow with tourists and locals.  You will love the old school charm at this burger counter with burger patties sizzling off the griddle, iced cold soda pop served in paper cone cups and waiters that have been serving here for years.  Enjoy the basic menu of burgers, sandwiches and fries and some of the best pies ever!

Here’s an important tip for newbies:  watch the counter etiquette.  There is no signup sheet or waitlist, just walk in, but pay attention to the customers ahead of you.  It’s an informal honor system so don’t cut in front of people.  Everyone looks around and just take the seats according to the order of arrival – simple.  There have been people that come in and just grab a seat ahead of those waiting.  Don’t be that person: it’s a no-no and you will get either harangued or the stink eye.  Smaller parties are easier to seat since it is rare for more than two seats together to open up at the same time.  Really, though, no big deal just split up.  The waiters there have been there for ages: don’t come here looking for warm and chatty.  These old-timers are efficient and crisp, and your ketchup plate will remain filled.  You will more than likely have to wait for a seat, but the food comes out quick.

I am not a fancy burger gal.  I don’t order burgers from a nicer place or from a steakhouse (not judging, but just not something that I do).  I like In and Out and I like this place.  Give me simple and don’t load it up with too many items.  I am not a fan of overloaded burgers that turn greasy or soggy.  I like a balance of meat and crispy lettuce.  Keep it simple when you come – burgers, fries, and pie.  They are known for the hickory burger or the steak burger – both delicious.  The meat patty is a good quality patty and complimented with the sharpness of the cheddar, the smokiness from the sauce, and the crunch of the lettuce makes for a balanced and perfect burger.  Fries are a good size portion to split between two people, because you want to save room for dessert.  They serve my favorite banana cream pie (my second favorite is from Dupar’s at the LA Fairfax Farmer’s Market).  The homemade pies are seriously loaded with fresh bananas with just the right amount of custardy filling and topped with homemade whipped cream.  And then roll on outa here.  

Tell us, what’s your favorite burger place?

Apple Pan

10801 West Pico Blvd.  Los Angeles, Ca.  90064

(310) 475-3585


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