Mexican Food in Anaheim – Dine Next to the Tequila Wall at Tortilla Jo’s Downtown Disney

Looking for Mexican food in Anaheim? You’ll love Tortilla Jo’s at Downtown Disney. If you like tequila, sit near the tequila wall and enjoy some cocktails.

First of all, guys, look at this tequila wall….life goals!

MaryAnne and I love all things Disney! After checking out all the new purple merchandise that Disney just recently released – ahhhhh! – we went in search of food and drink! Parched and hungry, we looked around at the many options in Downtown Disney. Have you all been out to Downtown Disney lately? There are some cool new restaurant options that we are definitely excited to try – I’m eyeing you, Ballist Point Brewery! But for this outing, we decided on our tried and true spot, Tortilla Jo’s, one of my kids’ favorite restaurants in this area. It’s a great family and friends stop after a few hours at the park or a fun day wandering and shopping in the downtown area – so much to do in this reinvigorated area.

Margaritas are solid, most using fresh squeezed lime and agave. I never order margaritas with sweet and sour mix – its blasphemous and taste like a canned drink. So always ask! I have ordered most of the margaritas – all delicious. My usual is the Spicy Mamacita Margarita: Carnarena Silver Tequila, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, muddled with fresh jalapeño and cucumber. I usually ask for extra jalapeños and less sweet – perfect! MaryAnne, as you all know is a rum and coconut kinda gal; so she ordered the Jo’s Coconut Mo’ (Mojito): Cruzan Coconut Rum, fresh mint, lime juice, simple syrup and a splash of club soda. A refreshing drink that reminds us of vacation!

The food is solid with some familiar Mexican favorites. They bring out the chips and salsa right away (is that your favorite thing about a Mexican restaurant too?). The chips are thin and crunchy, the salsa is good but if you like it on the spicier side like I do, just throw in some hot sauce or ask for a side of jalapeños.

You can go different ways, depending on if you want a few snacks or a full meal. The table side guacamole is a great sharable starter, and you can customize the flavor since its made fresh. When my daughter was younger (and ate less!), we would split the taquitos appetizer that comes with three taquitos and all the fixings, sour cream and guacamole. It’s one of the best deals on the menu if you want to be economical. Some traditional favorites are the combinations plates with a choice of enchiladas, tacos, chile relleno, or tamale, served with Spanish rice and refried beans. The street tacos and burritos are always good choices, burritos can be made chimichanga style, if you want to go over the top and deep fry that sucker and slather it with sauce. I also enjoy their specialty plates – the fajitas are definitely big enough to share – and hovering right around the $25 zone, you may want to share. For this trip, I ordered the pozole, which is a steaming and large bowl of rich, fragrant, red soup, full of hominy and tender pork chunks, served with a plate of shredded cabbage, thinly sliced radish, dried oregano, and lime wedges.

I dump all the veggies in, except for the oregano, not a huge fan of oregano, and I always get extra lime wedges. I love pozole, it reminds me of my childhood living in Alhambra near East LA when one of the dads would make a huge pot for us for after football games, and everyone would go over for a late night feast. Side note: it makes a great hangover cure. This comes with a side of tortillas, and I always get the homemade corn tortillas. Served hot and fresh, this is one of my favorite items here! My kids love them slathered with butter.

MaryAnne ordered a cheese enchilada with a side of rice. The red enchilada sauce is full of flavor and the enchilada is stuffed with gooey cheese. Our server, Roberto, ask for him if he is working – a pro who knows his stuff – told us that most dishes can be made vegetarian. And they have quite a few choices that are vegan, that looks more interesting than you often find at restaurants. The green rice and black beans are vegan, and both are tasty. We will have to return to try the portobello mushroom fajita with veggies, green rice and black beans.

We have not checked out the weekday happy hour from 2-5 yet offering discounted food menu, house margarita, mojito, wine, and sangria. They have 3 tequila choices for happy hour that is either served straight up, or add $3 to have it made margarita style -hmmmm, interesting!

Although my kids do not often order from them much anymore, since my family will often order family style and we all split. I am always eyeing other people’s orders, and this gives my kids (and me) more variety. However, I really like the kids meals here. There are plenty of basics, like a quesadilla with just cheese, or you can get it with grilled chicken, or grilled steak; a hot dog; or chicken tenders. They can get a bean and cheese burritos, but I love that you can get it with either shredded chicken or shredded beef – often kids meals are just plain cheese quesadillas or plain bean and cheese burritos. They can also get a crispy taco with shredded chicken or beef – yum! I love the kids tostada bowl: a mini tostada shell (how cute!) filled with refried beans, red rice, choice of ground beef or shredded chicken, and topped with shredded lettuce, jack cheese, and tomato. And get this: they have a “Healthy Choices” section in the kids meal! Love this! My daughter’s favorite is the Kid’s Carne Asada: marinated grilled steak with sweet corn and a side or the Kid’s Grilled Chicken Breast also with sweet corn and a side. My kids’ favorite drink at any Mexican restaurant is an horchata, a sweet and cinnamony rice drink, it’s really good here.

Let’s take a little side line here and talk about parking. You need a minimum $20 purchase from any merchant, kiosk, or quick service restaurant for a 3 hour validation. But you can have a 5 hour validation at a full service table restaurant. Just don’t go over the time limits, because the fees are ridiculously exorbitant after your time limit.

The vibe here is fun and casual. Booths are comfy, and the tables near the huge, round open flattop stove is fun tor the kids to watch cooks make homemade tortillas. There are some great dining and drinking options out at Downtown Disney, and we can’t wait to share more with you. But we wanted to first share one of our favs, Tortilla Jo’s.

Tortilla Jo’s at Downtown Disney

1510 Disneyland Drive Anaheim, CA 92802 (714) 535-5000

Open Daily

Sunday 9AM-10PM
Monday-Friday 11AM-10PM
Saturday 9AM-10PM