Mexican Seafood and Micheladas in the OC

Nothing says summer like seafood and beer!  Here is a Mexican twist to that great combo:  Mariscos Mocorito serves Sinaloa style seafood dishes just down the street in Orange.

Mexican Seafood and Micheladas in the OC

If you have never been to a Mexican seafood place, then here are a few pointers and recommendations; and if you have, then come try Mocorito and let me know if you agree or if you have any other favorites.  First, you get a basket of crunchy tostada chips and saltine crackers, with a side of salsa and lime when you sit down.  

Mexican Seafood and Micheladas in the OC

Yes, I did say ritz crackers, these crunchy and absorbent little guys are the perfect vehicles for the saucy dishes that you will order.  And yes, follow the lead of the other local eaters around you – pick up that tostada, squeeze and rub that lime all over it, and either slather or drip (depending on your level of tolerance) some hot sauce from one of the many bottles offered – try as many as you can!  

Before you scarf down too many of these and get yourself into trouble with all the spicy hot sauce bottles all around you, order a classic Michelada – oh just do it, everyone else is!  

Let me sing the praises of the humble Michelada, whether you are familiar or not.  Beer, tomato juice, lime, Worcestershire and hot sauce; served in a Tajin (Mexican fine chili pepper sprinkles) rimmed glass with wedges of lime on the side.  It is my go to drink when I am having a Mexican breakfast or non fancy Mexican seafood, and lately, I’m really diggin’ these at the ballpark as well.  It’s a great sub for beer when you want something with a little more zing.  

Mexican Seafood and Micheladas in the OC

I mean I love a good margarita with my Mexican food, but when I’m in the mood for something less sweet this is a good option.  It is similar to a Bloody Mary, but definitely lighter since it’s beer based and not vodka, so there’s another advantage – you can drink more!  And I promise, it goes great with anything you order on this menu!

My two favorite dishes are the shrimp cocktail and the marlin tacos.  If you love a classic shrimp cocktail like I do, then try cocteles, the Mexican version, with plump, chilled shrimps (you can order just shrimp, or shrimp and octopus, or mixed seafood) with diced crunchy veggies like onion, cucumber and tomatoes with fresh sliced avocado on top served in a huge goblet.  

Mexican Seafood and Micheladas in the OC

It’s kind of a close cousin to a chilled gazpacho but with shrimp!  Throw a shrimp on one of the crackers and let that tangy goodness soak in!

Now, I don’t even know where to begin with these marlin tacos.  If you like fish tacos, then you must order these.  A slice of pan seared marlin with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and the house salsa in a just crunchy fresh tortilla.  

I know the cheese sounds odd, but the gooey goodness work really well.  The whole family raved about these tacos – unanimous thumbs up from kiddos, grandparents, and hubby!  They also have your traditional Baja style battered fish tacos that are good, but really, these marlin tacos are the way to go.

The shrimp or fish ceviche is also very popular here served marinated and chilled with diced veggies – you can see people ordering tubs the ceviche for togo with stacks of tostadas in cling wrap.  If you are hesitant about ordering raw shrimp or fish that is marinated, then you can order the shrimp or octopus cooked – both versions are served on top of a tostada shell.  

My girl’s favorite dish is a poke bowl, so she approved of the fish ceviche.

My son ordered the kids meal, a generous portion of pan fried tilapia with rice and a simple salad chunky tomatoes and avocado – he loved it!  

The kids also enjoyed a bottle of orange Fanta – I don’t usually let my kids drink soda, but come on – I’m a sucker for bottled Fanta – reminds me of my own childhood in Bangkok!  

The restaurant is located in a dated strip mall in Orange not far from Chapman University.  It is a no frills, family friendly restaurant with nice and efficient staff.  It can get busy during peak lunch times and on weekends – but that is always a good sign for me and rarely deters us – just play some Heads Up on the sidewalk while you wait.

Mariscos Mocorito
320 E. Katella Ave.
Orange, CA 92867
(714) 771-0050

Open Daily 10:00 am-8:00 pm, except Friday and Saturday until 9:00 pm

Good for kids

Beer and Wine Only