Modular Smartphone Accessories? Come Here to me. VIBROX and VOLTROX Review and GIVEAWAY.

Recently we discovered a very promising brand new smartphone accessory company in Irvine, CA called Vibes Audio. They had us at vibration-powered detachable bluetooth speakers for iPhone. Intriguing. But that was just the start. You see, they created a line of new modular smartphone accessories that are swappable and shareable. They call this new line up the ROXON Modular Smarphone System. Named after the CEO’s dog Rox Von Wilder? (see about us page on company website). Probably. Whatever the source for this name we think the name is fitting — these things really do ROCK. 

Check out our unboxing and review video with all the fun ways we used Vibes Audio’s products!

The ROXON system consists of their BASEROX modular phone case for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and some really cool snap-on accessories. They have an impressive product roadmap (Stay tuned for future posts). Two accessories we had the great fortune of reviewing is the VIBROX Sound Engine and the VOLTROX Power Bank. What are these delightful techie gadgets? For us, it’s a new way to enjoy your music on the fly and charge your phone in those moments when really need some juice. 

Before we get to the GIVEAWAY, here are some details about these exciting new products starting with what could be the most bad-ass smartphone speaker ever created:


The VIBROX Sound Engine is sleek, thin and weighs just over 3 oz. Hmm, “Sound Engine”? Is there more to this than just a speaker? Absolutely. The speaker face is made of carbon fiber and looks so dang sexy you will want to show it off to muscle car owners (and friends) everywhere. The Vibes Audio team spent three years in development with patents and trademarks perfecting the VIBROX. VIBROX is not like a typical speaker that uses air going through large magnetic cones (which is why speakers are traditionally bulky and heavy.)  


VIBROX retails for $149.99

The Vibes Audio team includes professional sound product engineers that used new vibration technology that delivers sound vibrating from carbon fiber. Apparently they tested countless materials to see what material would provide the best sound resonance and durability. Carbon fiber was the answer. Plus it looks very cool. Just snap it onto your BASEROX Smartphone Case and you’re ready to party. Now you have a boost of sound whenever you want to crank up your favorite song! The amount of sound you get from such a small device is mind blowing. I love that I can travel with it and not have to pack my clunky & heavy blue tooth speakers. Action sports enthusiasts will love the fact that it’s waterproof. Um, imagine your new Apple Watch feeding music to your VIBROX. The place to Vibe with your favorite sounds are limitless: beach, ocean, slopes, shower? Nice. Their company hash tag is very fitting: #VibeAnywhere.

Cool VIBROX features we like:

  • Killer sound from such a small accessory
  • Indoor and outdoor equalizer settings
  • Skip track buttons (or you can control skips with your Apple Watch)
  • Waterproof!
  • Carbon fiber plate looks awesome
  • Plays snapped on or off the phone
  • Has a built in mic and works great as a conference call phone
  • Includes a tilted charger stand to display wherever we go


We also got to review the VOLTROX Power Bank. Like the VIBROX, this battery pack snaps on to the BASEROX case. At less than $50, this item is a great deal. Like many of you, you probably have a drawer of expensive smartphone battery-included cases that you had to ditch when you upgraded your phone. With the ROXON system you simply change out your case, but the VOLTROX will simply snap into the new case. The VOLTROX powers your phone quickly. And it’s easily shared with others. The best part is because it is detachable you only need to carry it when you need it. We survived an entire day at LA Auto Show recently without being stuck to a wall outlet to charge our phones. It was nice to be free walk the LA Convention Center while charging. So convenient! 


VOLTROX retails for $49.99

Cool VOLTROX features we like:

  • Detachable power source that fits right on the back of the BASEROX case
  • Cheap price point (as of this writing the item is only $49.99)
  • Slim thin form factor – you barely know it’s there
  • Battery level light


The base of course provides drop-protection for your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. More importantly though it has an area carved out in the back to easily snap on the accessories. What a great concept (Like us you’re probably thinking “Why didn’t we think of this”. ) Their patent-pending system will surely do well. The coolest thing about this case is that when you change your phone you can keep your stuff. Just get a new case and snap on the same VOLTROX or VOLTROX. Can we say sustainable electronics? Two thumbs up from this techie Mom of two.


BASEROX retails for $29.99

For me we have a hectic schedule of school, sports, auditions, family, & business. Any product that makes my life easier is a great product. Vibes Audio does exactly this with the ROXON Smartphone System. Swappable, shareable, reusable, light and affordable smartphone accessories are finally here. Thank you Vibes Audio!

ROXON Modular Smartphone System GIVEAWAY

VIBROX Sound Engine, BASEROX phone case, VOLTROX Power Bank

You could win the entire ROXON System! Retail value $229.97!

Starts Sunday December 3, 2017 and  ends Sunday 10, 2017 at 5PM PST.

If you’d like to be one of the first in the world to receive a FREE full ROXON System NOW (Retail value: $229.97!) just in time for Christmas (BASEROX Case, VIBROX Sound Engine, VOLTROX Power Bank) then follow these steps:

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If you don’t win, no worries, head on over to and pre-order your products now. According to their site as of this writing, they are offering a 15% discount if you order the “combo platter” (VIBROX, VOLTROX and BASEROX) and FREE ground shipping to contiguous US.  

Let us know your thoughts on Vibes Audio and modular smartphone accessories. Good luck!











  • Marcie Taylor

    I would take my VIBROX Sound Engine speakers EVERYWHERE since i’m always on the go and music is a must! Thank you for sharing this cool new product with us. I have an iPhone 7 now but when I grow up or when I am eligible to upgrade, I want an iPhone 8 plus. Congrats on this new blog too, Purple Ways!

    • Thanks so much Marcie!!! We so excited! XOXO