Montage Laguna Beach: Holiday Vibes at the Lobby Lounge

Montage at Laguna Beach

One of my favorite watering holes are hotel lobbies, and the spot that takes lounging to the next level is The Lobby Lounge in the Montage Laguna Beach.  

Montage lobby

Lobby decked out for the holidays

So let’s talk about the stages of my life:  there was a time when standing in a crowded bar or club trying not to spill my precious Bombay martini that is filled to the rim in a very impractical long stemmed glass was a regular and appealing night out.  Nope.  Not doing that anymore.  Fast forward ?? years. Please show me the way to comfy seats with table service.  If it has not occurred to you to hang out in hotel lobbies when you’re not on vacay, well, let’s think about it!  They are open late, you can lounge without getting the stink eye from servers,  and you can always find a comfy seat.  One of my favorite hangouts with my honey, with girlfriends, and even with the whole family are hotel lobbies.  That’s right, they are pretty good places to hang out with kids.  Order them a snack, hot chocolate, and bring a deck of cards or a board game – everyone is happy!  I love coming here:  morning, day, or night.  In the light of day, the stunning view will take your breath away.  The whole lobby faces the magnificent ocean.  On a warm SoCal day, the glass doors are open for the cool breeze or you can sit on the outdoor patio.  Either way, just enjoy the unobstructed and expansive view.  

Look at this view!

In the middle of the lobby, comfy couches, armchairs, and small groupings of tables and chairs are arranged for casual conversation with the picture perfect Pacific in front of you.  

Plenty of seating for intimate conversation

To the right, is the bar area with plenty seating.  

Montage Lobby Lounge Bar

Look at this bar!

And for those after dinner night caps, to the left of the lobby is the cozy fireplace with plush couches.  

 Settle in for a warm & cozy evening by the fire

One of my favorite times to come her is during the holiday season. Beautifully decorated with holiday decorations, poinsettias, and a Christmas tree.  

Sip by this beautiful Christmas tree

They recently put out the new cocktail menu for this season, and it’s festive and delicious.  

On the recommendation from a lovely server who does not like beets, I tried the Skipped a Beet, a cocktail with Slipmith Gin, Grand Marnier, beet juice, soda, and lemon.  

Now I am a beet lover, but I can understand why someone who doesn’t like beets would also like this drink.  It is the perfect mid morning cocktail – bright, slightly sweet, and refreshing; but without the earthiness that you get with beets.  It’s almost like juicing, right? My girlfriend got the Full Bloom: Bloom Gin, sparkling wine, and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur served in a Champagne flute with a twist.  My girlfriend is a bubbles kinda gal, so she loved it!  


The service has always been exceptional.  As a side note:  I discovered this place when I was having an anniversary dinner at a wine bar down the street and our server there sent us here because she works at both the wine bar and at The Lobby.  Well, when we arrived, she had called and had Champagne and dessert ready for us!  Now that’s service!!  Since then, it has become one of my favorite spots for sipping, chatting, and lounging.  Hope you love this place as much as I do!  Happy Holidays friends!

Montage Laguna Beach:  30801 South Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach.  Call:  (949) 715-6000