Looking for a vegan restaurant in OC? I recommend Freesoul Caffe. Located in the heart of Old Town Tustin, this cozy restaurant offers an array of foods, using only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. This includes no eggs, honey, or dairy products of any kind. You’ll discover all kinds of healthy entrees, soups, organic salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizzas and tasty desserts. Bring your hungry tummy and prepare to be happy! 

I enjoy the relaxed vibe of this place so much. Next time I’m bringing my laptop and getting some writing done at Freesoul Caffe! It’s the perfect place to enjoy an almond milk latte and chia pudding with berries (my absolute favorite dish!) for breakfast or their colorful plate of roasted cauliflower (not pictured, sorry I ate it too fast) and miso ramen for lunch or dinner. They also have an almond milk matcha latte which is so delightful. Another delicious veggie plate is their charred brussels sprouts with Medjool dates, garlic, chili flakes, vinaigrette. Those are my favorite things to eat when I have to opportunity to go. On a cool evening, ask for their chili. You will be surprised how good all of their dishes taste and it’s all plant-based. Whether you are a new or seasoned vegan or vegetarian or one who likes to enjoy a healthy meal, this place is for you. It’s great for some quality time with a girlfriend or a date night. (Side note: if you have any nut allergies, please consult with your server. Lots of vegan foods have nut ingredients.)

vegan restaurant OC Freesoul Caffe

My favorite!!! The chia pudding with fresh berries.

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Someone recently asked me: How do you make a “DIY Michelada“. That got me thinking. We’re back from our summer travels so lets get right into it with some fav summer drinks for these hot days!  I don’t necessarily have a favorite drink; but rather, it kinda depends on where I am and what I’m doing.  Dive bar: Makers and Ginger; nice bar:  Bombay Sapphire martini extra cold and extra olives; Italian vibe:  Negroni first, then red wine;  Japanese vibe:  always both sake and Asahi beer; Thai vibe:  either an ice cold Singha or Heineken (yes, in Bangkok, everyone drinks Heineken) or an icy glass of whiskey and soda over ice, I can go on and on but you guys get the idea. 

Sooooo, summer time means lots of outdoor activities, and an old time favorite is going out to a baseball game.  We are so lucky to have some awesome ball parks within driving distance.  Our hometown park is of course Angel Stadium; Dodger Stadium is just a short jaunt away, and our family makes several trips during the season to Petco Park in San Diego.  

Michelada at the Ball Park

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Looking for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant nearby? Have you heard of the Happy Cow website? They also have a handy app so that you can find any vegan or vegetarian restaurant near you. It also makes traveling so much easier, as you plan your dining. For your upcoming trips, you can “Create a Trip” and search for vegan/vegetarian restaurants near your destination and add the places that interest you to your trip list. We’re so excited for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas! I added a few places that we might check out. For those moments at home when we are struggling with what to cook and decide, “Let’s just eat out tonight..” We can pick somewhere new that we haven’t tried before, or look at our favorites and decide.

I really love it for those long drives to Los Angeles when I take Marissa to her auditions. We have discovered a few wonderful vegan restaurants using the Happy Cow app. One of our favorites is this Thai restaurant called Vegan Glory at 8393 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Phone: (323)653-4900. They have a delicious vegan orange “chicken.” (Marissa brought in her own Starbucks drink. Sorry!)

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We love female business owners, and Brittany Reenan has created a cool salon vibe on the East Side of Costa Mesa.  Brittany is the salon boss, stylist, and creative colorist leading her talented team.

Woman Crush Wednesday Brittany Reenan of Salty Blonde Cut Co

She has been cutting and styling hair for 15 years.  She started when a friend invited her to share a retail space.  Brittany started with 3 chairs, then continued to expand.  She eventually took over this space and filled the place with many more chairs by bringing in other cool and hip stylist and colorist.  She kept the shared commercial concept alive by inviting pop up boutiques that rotate in.

Woman Crush Wednesday Brittany Reenan of Salty Blonde Cut Co

I found The Salty Blonde Cut Company last year and have been very happy with my cuts.  Brittany keeps her cuts are fresh and current.  She is friendly and takes her time to make sure that you are happy with the services.  

My reasons why I love this salon:

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As a Thai gal, I doctor up every dish I eat with some kind of sauce, chili, or condiment.  For my everyday cooking, I keep it simple and quick.  Here are my favorite condiments that I use frequently.

Top 3 Thai Condiments for Everyday Cooking and Eating

Golden Mountain or Maggi Sauce

This is kind of the Thai version of soy sauce or seasoning sauce.  Both are pretty easy to find in any Asian market and in most traditional markets.  Costco actually carries giant bottles of Maggi Sauce!  It is used to flavor many stir fries and egg dishes.  Splash a few drops into a stir fry or fried rice for extra flavor.  Try marinating some pork or chicken in this sauce before throwing it into a stir fry!  My son’s favorite omelette is what he calls, his Thai omelette.  Whisk up some eggs and drop several splashes of Golden Mountain or Maggi sauce into your eggs.  Beat well.  In a frying pan, heat up 3-4 tablespoons of oil (canola, vegetable, or avocado) until hot.  Carefully pour egg mixture into hot pan.  Wait for it to start setting, don’t stir.  Then while lifting an edge of the eggs up with a flat spatula, gently tip the pan in that direction, allowing the runny parts to glide into that spot; repeat on other side. This allows for your omelette to rise and add some layers so that it is not so flat. When the bottom is nice and golden, flip your omelette.  Allow to cook until golden brown.  Note:  a Thai omelette is not cooked the way you would cook a French omelette.  Here, you would use a higher flame and you want the omelette to turn golden brown.  Serve it as is or over rice.  I also like mine with Sriracha hot chili sauce all over it!  And of course that leads me to my next favorite….

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