Although I have lived most of my life in the United States as a legal permanent resident, I did not become a US citizen until 2017.  Having recently gone through the naturalization process for U.S. citizenship, I cannot begin to imagine how daunting it must be for so many new arrivals or even those who have been in this country for years.  Our family is involved with an organization called Advancing Justice, which works on civil rights and immigration rights for Los Angeles and Orange County.  

my path to U.S. citizenship

Saranya with her family after getting sworn in as a U.S. Citizen

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Happy New Year: 2018 The Year of Purple

Happy New Year friends!  We are so excited to kick off 2018:  the year of purple!  Our beloved purple, or more specifically, ultra violet, has been named the 2018 color of the year by Pantone.  Pantone forecasts global color trends for many different industries, as well as branding and product development.  They are recognized as the leading source for color trends.  A great big thanks to Pantone for helping us spread the love!  Purple represents so many things to us:  imagination, innovation, and vision towards the future.  Check out the Pantone website announcing the color of the year and paying tribute to our much loved color:

happy new year 2018 the year of purple

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Fitness Goals for 2018 at Racquet Club of Irvine

Happy New Year!!!! Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018! As we reflect on all the highlights of this past year, we also think about what kinds of things to expect for the New Year. Fitness goals, financial goals, vacation goals, career goals, education goals, all kinds of goals….

One of the most popular New Year’s goals is fitness. How can we achieve this? Daily exercise is key. Whether it’s walking, running, cycling, participating in sports or dance class… anything fun that keeps you moving! There are many options to live an active lifestyle. Most people join a gym. The thing is, you have to actually GO to the gym. Ha ha! Motivation is what will get you out of the house and doing something active. 

22 hard courts at Racquet Club Irvine

We recently came across an opportunity to check out the Racquet Club of Irvine. It’s more than just a tennis club. Not only are the tennis offerings a plenty, there’s racquetball courts, a fitness center, swimming pool and locker rooms with dry and wet saunas and massage services available. The restaurant, Top Spin Bar and Grill  provides a variety of food options, drinks, and even smoothies. View Post

Looking for great venues to see Santa Claus in Orange County? Here is our list for favorite Santa visits in the OC.  We did not extensively list malls, since you probably already have your favorite.  So we listed our 2 favorite mall Santas, and instead, are sharing sites we also just love to visit that happen to have awesome Santas.  We prefer going to these beautiful settings and finishing our visits with some adult holiday cheer at the bar!

  1. The Resort at Pelican Hill Newport Beach  
    22701 Pelican Hill Road South, Newport Beach  (855) 315-8214  
Santa at Pelican Hill

Story time with Santa

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Montage at Laguna Beach

One of my favorite watering holes are hotel lobbies, and the spot that takes lounging to the next level is The Lobby Lounge in the Montage Laguna Beach.  

Montage lobby

Lobby decked out for the holidays

So let’s talk about the stages of my life:  there was a time when standing in a crowded bar or club trying not to spill my precious Bombay martini that is filled to the rim in a very impractical long stemmed glass was a regular and appealing night out.  Nope.  Not doing that anymore.  Fast forward ?? years. Please show me the way to comfy seats with table service.  If it has not occurred to you to hang out in hotel lobbies when you’re not on vacay, well, let’s think about it!  They are open late, you can lounge without getting the stink eye from servers,  and you can always find a comfy seat.  One of my favorite hangouts with my honey, with girlfriends, and even with the whole family are hotel lobbies.  That’s right, they are pretty good places to hang out with kids.  Order them a snack, hot chocolate, and bring a deck of cards or a board game – everyone is happy! View Post