Portillo’s Near Me: a Chicago Institution now in Buena Park

Portillo’s Near Me: a Chicago Institution now in Buena Park

Portillo's Hot Dogs - marquee

There’s a heavy hitter in town!  Welcome to the OC neighborhood, Portillo’s!  Yes, there’s a Portillo’s near me. Portillo’s is a Chicago institution and it has recently opened in Buena Park.  We will travel anywhere for good food, but we love when our favorite places come home to our part of the neighborhood. Portillo’s is a much loved and mainstay in the windy city.  We are thrilled that OC folks can get a taste of Chicago without traveling.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - brick wall

Chicago transplants are fiercely loyal to their hometown and their home teams.  You will usually see customers in Cubs or Bears t-shirts at Portillo’s, becoming part of the restaurant’s casual decor and vibe.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - interior

The food is solid Chicago classics:  char burgers, sandwiches, beef dips, pasta, ribs, and salads.  People come for the Italian beef dip and/or the Chicago hotdog and I enthusiastically recommend them!  The Italian beef dip is so flippin’ good that I may have brought home the beef and the bread in zip lock bags and in a cooler as my carry on from Chicago several times before Portillo’s came to town.  Yes, it’s that good!  You can order it dry, dipped, or double dipped; with or without melted mozzarella cheese, and with sweet and/or hot peppers.  It’s good all the different ways, but I prefer it dipped with hot peppers.  The sweet peppers are strips of marinated bell pepper and the hot are marinated rings of chili and celery that are still crisp and tangy.  Eat the sandwiches quickly if you get the dipped, the bread holds up surprisingly well, but they get increasingly soggier the longer they sit.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - Italian Beef Dip

If you get the hotdog, go all out and get it with everything so you can experience a real Chicago dog!  The Vienna all beef frank is char grilled and served on a poppy seed bun.These dogs are loaded with tomato slices, pickle spear, yellow mustard, the most florescent green relish you have ever seen, chopped onion, pickled sport peppers, and a sprinkle of celery salt.  Yes, I know, it’s a lot.  But trust me, it works and it is really good.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - hot dog

And don’t skip the fries and onion rings.  They are cooked perfectly crisp and a must with this decadent meal.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - onion rings

Not to complicate things for our fellow food lovers, but the salad bar is awesome!  They make the variety of salads fresh, and these are great options for the vegetarians and non vegetarians alike.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - salad bar Portillo's Hot Dogs - salad

There is one main line where you order your food, salads and drinks.  Then there is a separate line for just desserts and alcohol.  All the desserts are so good but our favorites are the moist chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake.  We get the slice of chocolate cake for here but we usually pick up the whole cake for holidays.  They also serve thick, rich shakes; and because it’s a Chicago place, they have this famous and crazy cake shake where they drop a slice of chocolate cake into a shake and blend it up!  I have no words.  Moving on…they serve beer and wine, and I am a fan of the goblet of ice cold beer.

Portillo's Hot Dogs - beer

Don’t judge, but yes, I get a beef dip, fries, rings, a garbage salad, dessert, and a beer.  Just do it y’all!


Portillo’s Hot Dog

8390 La Palma Ave., Buena Park, CA  90620

(714) 220-6400

Mon-Thu, Sun 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

Fri-Sat 10:30 am – 11:00 pm

We would love to hear from you!  Visit Portillo’s and tell us your favs!  Do you have any favorite restaurants that have joined our OC neighborhood?