On-the-Go Convenience for Busy Parents: SmashPack: The Exciting New Adult Squeeze Pouch

Like many Orange County parents, MaryAnne and I are involved in many of our kids’ activities. Long hours volunteering at school (MaryAnne mentioned on Instagram that we just finished the school’s musical season-6 weeks of rehearsals!), shuttling our kiddos around from school (Marissa, MaryAnn’s oldest daughter goes to a performing arts school) to their different activities like music, acting lessons, softball practices and games. And of course the long-ass drives to LA for auditions and acting classes. But neither of us would change a thing! It is fulfilling for both of us to provide all these amazing opportunities to our kids. So needless to say, we live in our Ford Flexes. Because of the different hats that we wear, our cars and lives need to be super organized and ready at a moments notice. Our Flexes serve as our girls’ dressing room for softball uniforms and auditions. Comfortable enough for long naps during commutes, and charger accessible for music and movies in the car. These are my must haves in my Flex: Costco baby wipes (no, my kids have not been in diapers for years, but yes, these are a staple), tissues, extra chargers, blankets, slides to change out of dirty cleats, tons of quarters for metered parking in LA, and most importantly, healthy snacks. I usually have dried nuts and fruit and some crackers: really, anything shelf stable that won’t rot or liquify in my car. I love smoothies since they are such easy on-the-go meals; however, I don’t always have the time to make one or stop by to buy one. Plus, you can’t just let them sit in your cupholder for hours. 

Well, it’s about time that someone finally came up with an adult squeeze pouch!  Raise your hands if you ever eyed your kids’ squeezy fruit or vegetable pouch….or if you actually “tasted” one, or more.  Well, we no longer need to squeeze on the sly.  We have the convenience of our own cute, little portable pouches that are a convenient and healthy alternative to scavenging in our kids’ lunch boxes or desperately going through the drive-thru on our way to soccer practice.  Just reach for a SmashPack! These compact and portable pouches are perfect for active lifestyles – just throw one in your purse, gym or yoga bag. No spoon or refrigeration needed: just grab and go. SmashPack is also a yummy and convenient on-the-go breakfast, snack, or protein supplement.  They are loaded with healthy nutrients for pre or post workouts or simply to satisfy hungry kids, teens, and adults.  Choose from a variety of high protein fruit smoothies or pudding. SmashPack’s signature line of protein fruit smoothies comes in tasty combinations of Mixed Berry, Tropical Fruit, and Orange Peach.

SmashPack recently introduced their indulgent grass-fed high protein, low sugar, low carb rich and creamy puddings in either Chocolate or Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Trust me, you will feel satiated!  I really like the fruit ones in the morning before going to the gym, and look forward to a decadent pudding as a late afternoon snack in lieu of junk food or a sugary coffee drink to keep me going.

SmashPack products are quick and easy to enjoy; they are non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, and artificial ingredients.  SmashPack’s signature line of Protein Smoothies combines 14 grams of whey protein. SmashPack’s new Protein Pudding packs offer 15 grams of grass-fed, rBST-free protein, only 4 grams of sugar, and just 130 calories.  These impressive stats have earned SmashPack a loyal following from the CrossFit and Paleo lifestyle communities as well as the United States Armed Forces.  But, because of its growing popularity, SmashPack now appeals to anyone living a healthy and active lifestyle. Reach for a fun and convenient resealable squeeze pouch anytime – whether you’re mountain biking on the weekend, working out on your lunch break, or just running errands around town.

SmashPack was launched in 2015 by a husband and wife team, Rob and Kari Simpson, dedicated to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They saw a desire in the community for clean, high-protein, functional, on-the-go snacks for active people made entirely of real, pure, simple food.  Rob and Kari are personal friends and neighbors, part of this village in our little corner of Orange County.  They are parents and entrepreneurs that are active in our community.  Kari volunteers in her son’s classroom at our local elementary school, and you can find Rob and Kari both at pickup and at the park playing with their son. I am a huge fan of their SmashPack, and you will often find one in my car or in my purse!