As a Thai gal, I doctor up every dish I eat with some kind of sauce, chili, or condiment.  For my everyday cooking, I keep it simple and quick.  Here are my favorite condiments that I use frequently.

Top 3 Thai Condiments for Everyday Cooking and Eating

Golden Mountain or Maggi Sauce

This is kind of the Thai version of soy sauce or seasoning sauce.  Both are pretty easy to find in any Asian market and in most traditional markets.  Costco actually carries giant bottles of Maggi Sauce!  It is used to flavor many stir fries and egg dishes.  Splash a few drops into a stir fry or fried rice for extra flavor.  Try marinating some pork or chicken in this sauce before throwing it into a stir fry!  My son’s favorite omelette is what he calls, his Thai omelette.  Whisk up some eggs and drop several splashes of Golden Mountain or Maggi sauce into your eggs.  Beat well.  In a frying pan, heat up 3-4 tablespoons of oil (canola, vegetable, or avocado) until hot.  Carefully pour egg mixture into hot pan.  Wait for it to start setting, don’t stir.  Then while lifting an edge of the eggs up with a flat spatula, gently tip the pan in that direction, allowing the runny parts to glide into that spot; repeat on other side. This allows for your omelette to rise and add some layers so that it is not so flat. When the bottom is nice and golden, flip your omelette.  Allow to cook until golden brown.  Note:  a Thai omelette is not cooked the way you would cook a French omelette.  Here, you would use a higher flame and you want the omelette to turn golden brown.  Serve it as is or over rice.  I also like mine with Sriracha hot chili sauce all over it!  And of course that leads me to my next favorite….

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