Looking for a great restaurant in San Juan Capistrano? Have you explored the quaint Los Rios Historic District?  If you live in central or north Orange County, it is such a quick jaunt down the 5 freeway, or for a real treat, take the train a few stops from the Tustin or Irvine station, since it will drop you right in the heart of this town.  

So here is our favorite weekend itinerary: take the kids to Zoomars in the morning, Zoomars is the sweet little petting zoo filled with furry guinea pigs for them to pet and feed, goats to groom, and horses/ponies and a mini train to ride.  We have been taking them to Zoomars for years, and we even threw a birthday party for my son there, but it is still one of their favorite outings, even for my eleven-year-old!  For a successful family outing, we always try to have something for the kids, then also something for the adults.  Specifically, I like to end a kid’s activity with a good meal and a glass of wine.  Everyone is happy!

Quaint San Juan Capistrano Restaurant – The Ramos House Cafe
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Nothing says summer like seafood and beer!  Here is a Mexican twist to that great combo:  Mariscos Mocorito serves Sinaloa style seafood dishes just down the street in Orange.

Mexican Seafood and Micheladas in the OC

If you have never been to a Mexican seafood place, then here are a few pointers and recommendations; and if you have, then come try Mocorito and let me know if you agree or if you have any other favorites.  First, you get a basket of crunchy tostada chips and saltine crackers, with a side of salsa and lime when you sit down.   View Post

Jim had a conference in Las Vegas, so we decided to head out with the kids and enjoy some time together. I had a blast entertaining the kids during the day, and enjoyed dining and sightseeing with Jim in the evening. We were very lucky to find a great babysitter to come to our hotel & watch the kids at night. Las Vegas turned out to be an amazing family getaway.

The Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel is one of our favorite hotels. Rock and Roll blaring though out the entire casino and pools. Everywhere you look, you’ll find all kinds of music memorabilia like signed guitars on the walls and displays of outfits the stars wore at their concerts. Marissa (10) loved Cee Lo’s Swarovski crystal covered jumpsuit and Jessie (4) couldn’t stop looking at Axl Rose’s motorcycle with flames on it.

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