Thai Kitchen Curry Paste

Thai Kitchen brand curry paste is our go-to curry paste for an quick and easy Thai curry dish.  The only curry paste that is readily available at your local grocery store (I buy mine at Ralph’s) and that is also vegan.  I buy many other brands from the Asian markets as well, but most of them are not vegan.  An added bonus if you are cooking for kids whose palettes are still sensitive to spiciness (my kids are in training), is that these curry pastes are significantly milder than any other brands that I use.  Now I know that there are simmer sauces that are also good for a quick meal, but I prefer to be able to control how much paste I use.  And I would just start with a tablespoon for a milder curry and add more if you prefer.  I also like to fry my paste in a little oil before slowly adding my coconut milk.  I believe this brings out the aroma and flavor of all the spices.  A couple of tablespoons of curry paste and a can or two of coconut milk and you’ve got yourself an easy and delicious base for a Thai curry dish, adding pretty much any combination of tofu, meats, and veggies that you like.  Look out for some upcoming recipes for Easy (Almost Instant!) Thai Curries.

Looking for a a quick and easy Thai recipe to add into your everyday, weeknight rotation?  Let us know!

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