Valentine’s Day Lead In With a Spa Treatment at Fashion Island Hotel

Let’s do a little lead up to Valentine’s Day. Groupon is offering this awesome deal right now for a day of pampering at the spa at Fashion Island Hotel in Newport Beach. Go alone, go with your besties, or go with your honey. My girlfriends have enjoyed this package and they love it! It’s local, easy, and affordable. Buy this Groupon now and it’s good for another 60 days. Enjoy a massage and toast to love with your complimentary glass of bubbly.

You can go in the next several days and get out of the rain with a relaxing massage and snuggle up in their lounge for a hot toddy, or wait for the next warm day and hang out at the pool after your massage with a cocktail.

I always fall into a bit of a rut after the holidays – is there anything in between Christmas and Summer? Just kidding, of course, there is, and we plan on celebrating the heck out of every cockamamie holiday that comes up! I love all the lead-ins into any occasion, any excuse to pamper yourself and celebrate!

Click here for the Groupon link!

Look out for our upcoming post of Valentine’s Day suggestions. In the meantime, let’s get this party started!

Disclaimer: set up alternate pick up for the kiddos that day, then cheers!