Woman Crush Wednesday: Lacey Johnson Music

Meet Lacey Johnson. Sometimes her hair is pink. Sometimes it’s blue. Sometimes it’s purple! (Our personal favorite.) No matter what color Lacey’s hair might be, the one constant about her is that she’s all about music. We love how unique, fun and talented she is! You can find her on YouTube where she shares a variety of covers from different genres, especially of gaming and pop culture. Did we mention she’s also a singer? We met her in 2014 at 17th Street Recording in Costa Mesa when Marissa (MaryAnne’s daughter) worked on a live studio recording of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Trouble Sleeping” and Lacey was the pianist and background vocalist. Since then, we’ve worked together on other song projects. She recently produced an original song, providing all the instrumentation for “Don’t Forget to Say Hello” with vocalist Armi Abiera and songwriter Jim Wendt. She shares her music on YouTube and also streams live music and gaming on Twitch.

Lacey is available for vocal coaching, instrument lessons, studio work and touring. Find her on Instagram, Facebook, TwitterYouTube, and Twitch.

Q&A With Lacey!

Q: Tell us about yourself. What brought you to music and how old were you when you had your first musical experience?

A: I’ve been musical for as long as I can remember. I used to make drum kits out of pots in the kitchen and sing on a toy microphone. I begged my parents for piano lessons at age 10 and I was hooked!

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lacey Johnson Music

Q: What is your typical day like?

A: My typical day usually involves recording music in my studio breaking for coffee and then live streaming music for my online audience.

Q: Who is/are your musical inspiration(s)?

A: I have so many musical inspirations! I listen to anything and everything. Lately I’ve been really into female-fronted punk bands so I would say, currently, my inspiration is this band called The Regrettes.

Q: What instruments do you play?

A: I play Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ukulele, Organ, Banjo, Hand Percussion, and I’m a vocalist.

Q: Which is your favorite and why?

A: It’s difficult to narrow down a favorite. They’re all so precious to me. I would say the drums because it’s the only instrument I play just for me. Every other instrument I play for work in one way or another.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lacey Johnson Music

Q: What venues have you played at?

A: I’ve played in a lot of really cool places! I’ve played the entire sunset strip! But I think one of my favorite places I played was The House of Blues Anaheim before it was moved.

Q: When you aren’t playing music, what are you doing?

A: When I’m not being musical (which is seldom I’ll be honest) I’m usually in the gym or playing Pokémon Go. I’m a really active person so I like to feel like I’m making progress every day.

Q: What is your YouTube Channel Name?

A: My YouTube channel is YouTube.com/laceyjohnsonmusic   – I post new videos that I record, arrange, and perform every Tuesday!

Q: What types of content do you post?

A: Right now my content is a big variety basket of music from Video Games, movies, Television, and sometimes KPop

Q: What is your dream?

A: My dream is to write original music. I’ve never been a skilled lyricist so my songwriting experience has been limited as of late. But I am committed to making original music and touring around the world!

Q: Favorite boba drink?

A: My favorite boba drink is definitely a honeydew milktea.

Q: Favorite foods to eat?

A: Any Japanese food. A good bowl of ramen can turn my day around.

Q: We hear you are the Pokemon Master. How many Pokemon have you captured and which one are you most proud of?

A: I’m glad my reputation on the streets is correct. I am the Pokémon master. I have captured every available Pokémon in Pokémon Go. I am most proud of my first Mewtwo.

Q: Gaming – which is your favorite at the moment?

A: I’ve been playing a lot of OVERWATCH since their summer event is going on right now. But I’m REALLY looking forward to the new Pokémon Let’s Go games in the fall!

Woman Crush Wednesday: Lacey Johnson Music

Thank you Lacey for the awesome interview! We enjoyed getting to know you! Do you have a favorite woman that inspires you? Send your suggestions to us! Click on our Contact page and select “Woman Crush Wednesday Suggestion” on the form and share your awesome woman with us!